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:: HiSpeed 2166 Buggy xăng máy 18 - 2 số - Backwash 2 Speed Nitro RC Buggy - Nguyên Bộ Kit & Xăng

HiSpeed 2166 Buggy xăng máy 18 - 2 số - Backwash 2 Speed Nitro RC Buggy - Nguyên Bộ Kit & Xăng

  • Hãng sản xuất: HSP Racing
  • Mã sản phẩm: HiSpeed 2166
  • 4.099.000 Đ

- XE VÀ REMOTE : 3,500,000

- FULL SET XE + TOOL + 2 LÍT XĂNG 15% : 4,099,000


- Shop đã ngưng không cung cấp dòng MÁY SH 18 rất dởm chạy 3 bữa hư bạc đạn, không có đồ thay phải bỏ luôn cái máy (clip dưới đây). AE nghe ai quảng cáo máy SH xịn thì cứ qua đó mua.

- Dòng xe xăng nitro là dòng xe tương đối kén người chơi, máy móc luôn cần phải bảo trì, tinh chỉnh nên không thích hợp với người thiếu kiên trì và ít thời gian muốn xài ngay chơi ngay.

HiSpeed buggy xăng nitro tỉ lệ 1/10. Mẫu xe phổ biến trong dòng xe bình dân cho giới nhập môn, tốc độ tối đa 70kmh, có phiên bản 1 số hoặc 2 số.

This extremely fast and stunning looking Nitro Buggy is fun fun fun!

This great looking and even better performing Nitro Radio Controlled Buggy is extra tough and a good all-rounder performing well both on road and off road. At this budget price this Buggy is feature packed making it one of the top spec buggies on the market and an upgraded 0.18 engine along with an automatic 2 speed gearbox makes it extremely FAST!. Oil Filled Shock Absorbers. Aluminium 2.5mm-thick Chassis and Aluminium Shock Mount that are great to make the car more robust and durable, which means less maintenance. This Buggy also comes with a Dust Proof and Splash Proof electrical compartment making it more suitable to off road conditions. The Backwash also come with the excellent pivot ball suspension system as standard.

The latest 2.4Ghz digital radio with built in Fail-Safe means longer range, no crystals, no external interference and no interference from other cars. The intelligent radio automatically flicks between different channels so you will never have a car on the same channel. Not to mention no aerials to snap on the car and transmitter.

The new 2 Speed Automatic Transmission gives huge acceleration and 100kph top speed. All parts for this Buggy can be purchased aftermarket including the extremely popular colour upgrade parts.

Ready to run, complete with the latest 2.4GHz Spectrum spread technology Radio gear included.

All our HSP models are specified to have wheel type 2.4GHz controllers. These have many advantages over AM/FM transmitters 


  • Improved reliability due to less interference at this frequency range
  • Quicker more responsive control
  • Lower power consumption
  • Many models can drive together at once without need for checking frequencies and crystals etc
  • No more long aeriels to brake off


  • Pivot Ball suspension
  • Permanent Four wheel shaft drive system
  • Front/rear differentials with quality bevel gears
  • Four wheel independent double wishbone suspension system
  • Slipper clutch system to protect the spur gears
  • 6061/T6 2.5mm thick solid anodized aluminium chassis
  • 13.8g hollow lightweight aluminium flywheel allows for quick engine response
  • Solid universal joint cups/high performance ball bearings and gears.
  • Disc brake system with user replaceable pads provides quick brake response
  • Large Race spec 75cc leak proof fuel tank c/w overflow pipe and spring load fill cover for quick re-filling
  • 18-class (2.95cc) CXP factory balanced Nitro Engine with pull starter
  • Composite tuned exhaust pipe Pre-trimmed aggressive 1/10th scale buggy tires provide a long service life
  • Fibre disc brake for extra stopping power
  • Front and rear hardened metal drive gears
  • Four oil filled shock absorbers provide excellent shock protection.
  • High flow dual foam element air filter
  • Sealed Radio box protects the electronics
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Front /rear bumpers
  • Complete with fully installed 2.4GHz 2 channel Radio Control.
  • Built in Fail-Safe included.

Manufactures occasionally make small changes to the specifications and colours.

Only for Ages 14+ or previous experiance with nitro engines and fuel.


This package includes:

    2-Ch 2.4 GHz Transmitter
    100% Pre-assembled Car
    Instruction/Parts Manual

You'll need:

Nitro Starter Kit or Glow Igniter (Sold in our store)
12 X AA Batteries (Sold in our store)
Nitro Fuel 16%

As this is a nitro car, and can travel at high speeds. If crashed into any object at speed is liable to break (as any object would), and therefore should; (A) Only be used in wide open areas, (B) Only be driven slowly until the controls are mastered. We also recommend that children under the age of 15 are supervised by an adult when operating. As such, by purchasing this item you agree that if damaged, it cannot be returned to us for replacement or refund (we can quote you for repair or supply any spares).

We also strongly recommend you thoroughly read our Help & Advice section and blog before attempting to use the model.


Length : 400mm
Height : 160mm
Width : 250mm
Gear Ratio 2 Speed: 1:5.84 (H), 1:8.58 (L)
Drive System : 4 Wheel Drive
Engine : .18-class Nitro Engine with pulling start
Wheel Diameter : 86mm
Wheel Width : 32mm (F), 40mm (R)
Ground clearance: 26mm
Wheel Base : 275mm
Track : 185mm
Weight : 1940g


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